Super Simple Songs (ISSN 2308-0108) - Editorial group mission:

To provide worldwide leadership in advancing the knowledge of music-based preschool education and its application to children early development.

To advance basic science and technology in the field of digital sound and video recording by publishing peer-reviewed articles.

To advance basic science and technology in the field of digital sound recording by communicating information about the field development, by outlining novel strategies, and by helping interested members of the public to acquire the necessary skills to assist kids creative development.

To advance family values and bonding of children and parents, helping them to adapt to new creative possibilities of quality family time through editorials and expert reviews.

To advance the development of the junior members of the editorial board.

To facilitate the growth of the public awareness of ease of digital sound recording, song writing and music making by a hard working loving person, and communicating this information to parents and children of school age.

Super Simple Songs (ISSN 2308-0108) - Editorial board members:

Alex Kudinov, Publisher, Editor

Val Shishkova, Managing Editor

Raia Tsimanis, Music Editor, Music teacher

Viki Halenski, Dance Editor, Dance teacher

Nastis Sheffer, Junior Editor, Choreograher, Children Theater

Dani Nekrasoff, Artistic gymnastics, Children music

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