To cite this article, use: Super Simple. Super simple songs journal school principal welcome address of 1 September 2012. Super Simple Songs Journal, Volume 4, Article 1 (2012)

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This video publication (SSSJ 2012, Volume 4, article 3) introduces new project by Super Simple Songs: ABC song video school and presents September 1 welcome address by the Principal, Mr. Super Simple

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Boys and Girls!

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Boys and Girls!

Let me welcome all of you! Each of you

Your grandparents, your moms, your daddies, today!

Today is the first of September, the first day at our new school, Super simple songs journal school! At youtube, exclusive edition, just for you!

For each of you and for all of you, there will be a plenty of lessons to master ABCs, to learn musics, and all of that with super simple idea, super simple songs that we make specially for you!

We have the whole laboratory, music laboratory that helps us to develop such a music that it will be easy to understand not just for you, dear boys and girls, but also for your grandmoms and granddaddies!

So, welcome! See you around!Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and - to stay tuned - and to get exclusive downloads to enjoy it as much as possible!

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To cite this publication, use: Super Simple. Super simple songs journal school principal welcome address of 1 September 2012. Super Simple Songs Journal, Volume 4, Article 1 (2012)


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1. We invite everyone to write, record and publish your very own song with us. No music education, prior experience or special equipment required. At present we offer three melodies, such as classical ABC song or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Good night Lullaby song by Johannes Brahms, and a fragment of a composition of  Felix Mendelssohn for a Birthday song. Any language welcome, the service is free! The protocol is simple: upon your interest and participation request by email publishing at supersimplesongs dot org , we send you mp3 of a vocal mix file (1 minute of music length each), that you can use to create your lyrics, learn the melody, practice and record your vocal. When you feel confident about the result, you send us your vocal sound files, that we use to mix and master your song at Super Simple Songs sound studio laboratory.

2. We also invite everyone to publish with us ABC song performed by your child. In case of your interest, please send to email address publishing at supersimplesongs dot org your child vocal of ABC song, so, we inform you about the terms, and then make a cartoon with your child voice and a personalised Super Simple Songs journal and youtube video publication. The service is free as well!


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