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Super Simple Songs Optical Disc Eight (Letter A) - DVD video, view CD (VCD) and Blu Ray Disk: what to learn teaching information for parents

Music Videos for preschool and kindergarten children are perfect teaching tools for learning and quality entertainment family time! You can use Super simple songs Optical disk Eight (Letter A) videos for the following teaching and learning tasks:

1. Learn ABCs, letters of English Alphabet with focus on Letter A, basic colors and easy shapes

2. Sing along or dance along Mozart ABCs Song or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (both songs share the melody), print out lyrics and sheet music at Super Simple Songs, Volume 1. Here you will also find on-screen piano play tutorial videos and free software piano download.

Super Simple Songs Optical Disc Eight (Letter A) - DVD video, view CD (VCD) and Blu Ray Disk Technical specifications:

DVD-Video, 4.7Gb: MPEG-2, HQ - Best quality, 720 × 576 pixels, Widescreen (16:9), sound: Dolby Digital, 2 channels or 5.1 surround
Blu-ray disk, 25Gb: Movie format (BDMV - with menu) H.264, HD 1280 x 720 pixels, Widescreen (16:9), sound: Dolby Digital, 2 channels, 48 Khz
Video CD, 800Mb: MPEG-1, HQ - Best quality, 352 x 240 pixels, Regular display (4:3), sound: MPEG-1, 2 Channels, 44.1 Khz

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Super Simple Songs (ISSN 2308-0108) is a scholar journal for children, grandparents and everyone in between. We publish original music, nursery rhymes, lyrics, poems, children and love poetry, stories, videos and other printed education materials for children, such as staff music, teaching articles, audio technology articles and Optical disks (video CD, DVD and Blu-ray).

Super Simple Songs Journal is not for profit publication that aims to provide a preschool scholar record of original creative output by children and parents in a modern digital multimedia format. Everyone can submit and publish with us his or her original article and enhance it with sound or video, including videos hosted at video sharing platforms such as Youtube. Please note that authors retain copyright in their published materials.

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