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Super Simple Songs (ISSN 2308-0108) Volume 5 publication list:

1 ABC song Gangnam style. Volume 5, Article 1 (2013)

2 Daddy and Baby or Family in love Nursery rhymes song for children. Volume 5, Article 2 (2013)

3 Russian Alphabet song for children. Volume 5, Article 3 (2013)

4 Алфавитная песня в стиле гангнам стиль. Volume 5, Article 4 (2013)

5 Russian 123 Counting song for children. Volume 5, Article 5 (2013)

6 Песня-считалочка от 1 до 20 в стиле Гангнам стиль. Volume 5, Article 6 (2013)

7 123 counting song for children. Learn to count 1 to 20 song in English language. Volume 5, Article 7 (2013)

8 Английская песня-считалочка от 1 до 20 в стиле Гангнам стиль. Volume 5, Article 8 (2013)

9 Love song for children, to daughter in Russian language. Volume 5, Article 9 (2013)

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Super Simple Songs (ISSN 2308-0108) is a scholar journal for children, grandparents and everyone in between. We publish original music, nursery rhymes, lyrics, poems, children and love poetry, stories, videos and other printed education materials for children, such as staff music, teaching articles, audio technology articles and DVDs.

Super Simple Songs Journal is not for profit publication that aims to provide a preschool scholar record of original creative output by children and parents in a modern digital multimedia format. Everyone can submit and publish with us his or her original article and enhance it with sound or video, including videos hosted at video sharing platforms such as Youtube. Please note that authors retain copyright in their published materials.

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